msp_fdb_rt_info_s Struct Reference

msp_fdb_rt_info_t More...

Data Fields

u_int32_t rt_oif
 Logical outgoing interface.
u_int32_t rt_oif_snmp_idx
 SNMP index of the logical outgoing interface.
u_int32_t rt_iif_snmp_idx
 SNMP index of the logical incoming interface.
u_int32_t rt_as_idx
 Index to autonomous system information.
u_int32_t rt_gateway
u_int32_t rt_idx
 Index of the route table to which this route belongs.
u_int8_t rt_prefix [MSP_FDB_MAX_DEST_ADDR_LEN]
 Best possible prefix from route lookup.
u_int32_t rt_prefix_len
 Prefix length of the prefix returned in the rt_prefix field.

Detailed Description


Result of a route query.

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