libmsp-svcs File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
msp_fdb_api.hAPI to access the forwarding database (fdb), which includes route entries, associated outgoing interfaces, SNMP index and other miscellaneous information
msp_pkt_utils.hUtility APIs for packets on the MS-PIC
msp_policy_db.hAPI to support policy-database related operations from plugins
msp_trace.hThis module provides a fast tracing mechanism where the data threads can write to a per cpu buffer and a periodic on the control sweeps these buffers and dumps the output to a trace file
msvcs_events.hFunctions to send events to various plugins
msvcs_flow.hFunctions to support registration of flow types from plugins
msvcs_plugin.hFunctions to support a plugin for MP SDK
msvcs_session.hFunctions to support session actions from plugins
msvcs_state.hFunctions to retrieve cpu/thread specific state

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