jbuf_svc_set_info_s Struct Reference

Service set related information extracted from a jbuf. More...

Data Fields

u_int8_t svc_id
 Service ID.
u_int8_t mon_svc
 Monitoring service.
u_int8_t svc_type
 Interface or Nexthop service.
u_int8_t pkt_dir
 Direction associated with the packet.
ifl_idx_t rcv_if
 Media Interface index.
union {
   struct {
      u_int16_t   svc_set_id
 Service Set Id.
   }   intf_type
   struct {
      u_int16_t   rcv_subunit
 Subunit id of IFL of MultiServices PIC.
      u_int16_t   rcv_vrf
 VRF associated with the packet.
   }   nexthop_type

Detailed Description

Service set related information extracted from a jbuf.

This structure represents the service set information which can be used by the applications to do their specific processing (typical use case will be policy/rule lookups).

For a given packet, applications should call the function jbuf_get_svc_set_info() to populate this structure.

The svc_id classifies the packet based on the service filter applied on the packet. The mon_svc field will indicate whether the packet is applied with monitoring service filter.

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