libmp-sdk Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
jbufDefines the packet format used for a zero-copy handoff between the kernel and user space
jbuf_per_cpu_usage_sJbuf per cpu statistics
jbuf_per_pool_usage_sJbuf per pool statistics
jbuf_svc_set_info_sService set related information extracted from a jbuf
jbuf_svcs_hdrJbuf svcs hdr to store metadata for MP-SDK Phase-2 services processing
msp_dataloop_argsData structure passed to the application's data loop
msp_dataloop_params_sData structure passed by the data loop creator to be in turn passed on to the data loop
msp_dataloop_result_sResults of data loop creation passed back the data loop creator
msp_fifo_create_sData structure passed as an argument to msp_fifo_create
msp_oc_info_sInformation retrieved for an object cache
msp_oc_params_sParameters passed to OBJCACHE initialization functions
msp_rtprio_result_sResults of rtprio thread creation passed back the rtprio thread creater
msp_rtprio_thread_argsData structure passed to the application's rtprio thread call back function
msp_rtprio_thread_paramsData structure parameters for creating the rtprio thread
msp_rwlock_sRead write lock data structure
msp_shm_params_sParameters passed to SHM initialization functions
msp_shm_stats_sStatistics for SHM
msp_spinlock_sSpinlock data structure
msp_ucrit_attrUcrit attribute structure

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