libjunos-sdk Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
junos_kcom_gencfg_dep_sDependency component structure
junos_kcom_gencfg_peer_info_sPeer information used in the junos_kcom_gencfg_t data structure
junos_kcom_gencfg_sThis is the main structure for the KCOM-GENCFG and SDK interface
junos_kcom_gencfg_size_pointer_sSize-value structure used in the main structure above
junos_kcom_mpsdk_cfg_req_sjunos_kcom_mpsdk_cfg_req_t is a structure used to register, deregister
junos_kcom_pub_blob_key_sjunos_kcom_pub_blob_key_t is a structure used as a key for all the public blobs
junos_kcom_pub_blob_msg_sjunos_kcom_pub_blob_msg_t structure is used to notify the users about the asynchronus events happening on the public blob they have registered for
junos_kcom_pub_blob_req_sjunos_kcom_pub_blob_req_t is a structure used to register, deregister and retrieve the blobs of a particular type
junos_kcom_pub_blob_sjunos_kcom_pub_blob_t is the structure used for all the public blobs
junos_kcom_pub_ssrb_sjunos_kcom_pub_ssrb_t is a structure used for the SSRB public blob
kcom_ifa_sData stducture holding interface address (IFA) information
kcom_ifdev_detail_info_entry_sList for detail info associated with ifd
kcom_ifdev_redundancy_info_sRedundancy options structure associated with rms ifd
kcom_ifdev_sInterface device (IFD) structure
kcom_iff_sData structure holding information about the interface family (IFF)
kcom_ifl_sLogical interface (IFL) structure
kcom_rtb_sRoute table (RTB) structure

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