junos_kcom_gencfg_dep_s Struct Reference

Dependency component structure. More...

Data Fields

u_int16_t blob_id
 Blob minor type id.
u_int16_t priv_id
u_int16_t type
u_int16_t padding
 Padding bytes (for alignment).
 Pointer to next dependency.
struct {
   u_int16_t   size
 Dependency key length.
   u_int16_t   padding
 Padding bytes (for alignment).
   u_int8_t   data [JUNOS_KCOM_GENCFG_KEY_MAX]
 Key data.
 Dependency key.

Detailed Description

Dependency component structure.

The dep.data_p field of the junos_kcom_gencfg_dep_t structure will point to an array containing one or more (multiple dependencies) of these component field structures.

KCOM-GENCFG will only handle dependency type of IFSTATE_GENCFG, so the type field is not needed. Other KCOM components handle other IFSTATE types.

Dependencies convey, for example, the order of creation: The physical interface must be operational before logical links can be activated on it.

Field Documentation

u_int16_t junos_kcom_gencfg_dep_s::blob_id

Blob minor type id.

Maximum allowed range is 0-63

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