junos_license.h File Reference

JUNOS SDK licensing library functions. More...

Data Structures

struct  junos_license_feature_s
 Structure to hold information related to licensed features. More...


#define APP_HAS_EXPIRY_CB   0x01
 Expiry event flag.
#define APP_HAS_SCALE_CAP_CB   0x02
 Scale cap event flag.
#define APP_HAS_GRACE_PERIOD_CB   0x04
 Grace period expiry event flag.


typedef int feature_id_t
 Feature ID.
typedef enum junos_license_event_e junos_license_event_t
 License event type.
typedef junos_license_state_s * junos_license_state_handle_t
 Application's license state handle.
typedef void(* junos_license_event_cb_t )(feature_id_t feature_id, junos_license_event_t event, void *data)
 Application's callback for license events.
typedef void(* junos_license_logging_cb_t )(int level, const char *message)
 Application's callback for logging events.
typedef junos_license_feature_s junos_license_feature_t
 Structure to hold information related to licensed features.


enum  junos_license_event_e {
 License event type. More...


junos_license_state_handle_t junos_license_init (evContext ctx, feature_id_t *feature_ids, uint32_t feature_count, junos_license_feature_t **app_feature, junos_license_logging_cb_t logging_cb)
 Initializes SDK licensing library.
bool junos_license_check_validity (junos_license_state_handle_t app_license, feature_id_t feature_id)
 Checks validity of license for a particular feature.
int junos_license_register_notifications (junos_license_feature_t *app_feature, feature_id_t feature_id, uint32_t feature_count, uint16_t cb_mask, junos_license_event_cb_t notify_cb)
 Sets notification callback and mask for events which feature is interested in.
int junos_license_close (junos_license_state_handle_t app_license, junos_license_feature_t *app_feature)
 Closes connection with JUNOS licensing infrastructure.

Detailed Description

JUNOS SDK licensing library functions.

This library provides APIs for checking license validity requests from client.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* junos_license_event_cb_t)(feature_id_t feature_id, junos_license_event_t event, void *data)

Application's callback for license events.

[in] feature_id ID of the feature for which the event callback is being called.
[in] event Type of license event defined by junos_license_event_t.
[out] data Pointer to data returned to the application.

typedef void(* junos_license_logging_cb_t)(int level, const char *message)

Application's callback for logging events.

[in] level Log level of this message.
[out] message Pointer to the log message that is being displayed.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum junos_license_event_e

License event type.

JUNOS_LICENSE_INSTALL  License installation event.
JUNOS_LICENSE_DELETE  License deletion event.
JUNOS_LICENSE_EXPIRY  License expiry event.
JUNOS_LICENSE_GRACE_PERIOD_EXPIRY  Grace period expiry event.
JUNOS_LICENSE_SCALE_CAP  Scale capacity limit event.

Function Documentation

bool junos_license_check_validity junos_license_state_handle_t  app_license,
feature_id_t  feature_id

Checks validity of license for a particular feature.

[in] app_license Pointer to license state structure of the application.
[in] feature_id Feature ID for the license validity that needs to be checked.
TRUE when license is valid; otherwise FALSE.

int junos_license_close junos_license_state_handle_t  app_license,
junos_license_feature_t app_feature

Closes connection with JUNOS licensing infrastructure.

[in] app_license Pointer to license state structure.
[in] app_feature Pointer to array of license feature structure.
0 on success; otherwise -1.

junos_license_state_handle_t junos_license_init evContext  ctx,
feature_id_t feature_ids,
uint32_t  feature_count,
junos_license_feature_t **  app_feature,
junos_license_logging_cb_t  logging_cb

Initializes SDK licensing library.

This function creates an application license state and then connects to the license-check daemon.

[in] ctx Event context of the application.
[in] feature_ids Pointer to array of feature IDs supported by the application.
[in] feature_count Total number of features.
[in,out] app_feature Pointer to a pointer to license feature structure array.
[in] logging_cb Callback provided by application for logging events.
Pointer to license state on success; otherwise NULL.

int junos_license_register_notifications junos_license_feature_t app_feature,
feature_id_t  feature_id,
uint32_t  feature_count,
uint16_t  cb_mask,
junos_license_event_cb_t  notify_cb

Sets notification callback and mask for events which feature is interested in.

[in] app_feature Pointer to application feature array.
[in] feature_id Feature ID for the license events that need to be set.
[in] feature_count Total number of features.
[in] cb_mask Mask indicating license events the application is interested in.
[in] notify_cb Callback provided by the application for receiving these events.
0 on success; otherwise -1.

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