libjunos-license Library

This library allows partner applications to check validity and applicability of licenses for a given feature. JUNOS provides various CLI support for installing, deleting, and veiwing licenses, which is covered in "Managing JUNOS Licenses" in the JUNOS Software Installation and Upgrade Guide.

License validity can be permanent, count-down, date-based, or invalid:

Each of the licensed features has a unique feature ID. Feature IDs will be assigned to SDK applications as part of a partnership agreement and not through the API provided.

License keys are entered using JUNOS licensing infrastructure, that is, using CLI commands by the administrator of the device. No API will be provided for installing or removing a license for a given feature.

There is an order in which the basic set of functions should be called for interfacing with the licensing infrastructure:

  1. Initialize SDK licensing libray by calling junos_license_init().
  2. If the application is interested in license event notifications about expiry, grace period expirey, or scale cap, then it needs to indicate the junos_license_register_notifications() function.
  3. If an application wants to check the validity of a license for a particular feature, then it can do so by calling junos_license_check_validity().
  4. Before an application terminates, clean up resources allocated for feature information and shut down the SDK licensing library by calling junos_license_close().

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