The Authentication and Accounting API

The libjunos-aaa library gives applications the ability to authenticate other users and to track resource consumption.

Authentication provides a way of identifying a user, most often by having the user enter a valid user name and valid password before access is granted. The process of authentication is based on each user having a unique set of criteria for gaining access.

The SDK application sends an authentication request to the system authentication daemon, authd, by calling the junos_aaa_authenticate() function, and passing a parameters structure, junos_aaa_authenticate_params_t, that includes the username, password, and any additional authentication attributes the application requires. authd relays the request to an external Radius server that maintains the credentials. If the credentials match, the user is granted access to the network; if not, authentication fails and access is denied.

Accounting measures the resources a user consumes during access. This can include the amount of system time or the amount of data a user has sent or received during a session. Accounting is carried out by logging session statistics and usage information and can be used for authorization control, billing, trend analysis, resource utilization, and capacity planning activities. The SDK application sends accounting request by calling the junos_aaa_account() function.

For both authentication and accounting, the list of additional attributes you can work with is in the junos_aaa_attr_type_t struct, defined in the junos_aaa.h header file.

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