libjuniper File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
aux_types.hDefines local abstract types
itable.hContains functions for working with 16-bit itables
itable32.hContains functions for working with 32-bit itables
jin_cksum.hContains functions for working with internet checksums
jtimers.hJuniper hierarchical timer functions
logging.hContains front-end APIs to syslog for daemons
ms_parse.hDaemon command parsing APIs
name_tree.hNAME tree collections APIs
parse.hCommon parser APIs and return code definition
parse_delim_addr.hGeneralized delimited address parser APIs
parse_interface.hGeneral interface name parser APIs
parse_ip.hGeneralized IP address parser APIs
parse_iso.hGeneralized ISO address/prefix parser APIs
parse_mac.hGeneralized MAC address parser APIs
patricia.hPatricia tree APIs
pid_lock.hPID file management APIs
radix.hRadix best match tree APIs
strextra.hString manipulation APIs
strsignal.hSignal number to name API
system.hFunction to pass a command to the shell
system_time.hSystem uptime APIs

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