libdfwd Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
junos_dfw_client_functionsClient callback functions
junos_dfw_conn_addrJUNOS-DFW connection address definition structure
junos_dfw_conn_inet_addrINET connection address definition structure
junos_dfw_filter_attach_infoAttach-point definition structure
junos_dfw_filter_infoFilter information structure
junos_dfw_filter_intf_attachInterface attach-point definition structure
junos_dfw_object_keyString conveying more information for rejecting a transaction
junos_dfw_policer_infoPolicer information structure definition
junos_dfw_stats_client_functionsThe vector of all statistic callback functions
junos_dfw_term_infoTerm information structure definition
junos_dfw_term_key_pairString information coveying more information about term conflict errors
junos_dfw_term_orderDefinitions to specify ordering information when JUNOS_DFW_TERM_TYPE_ORDERED is used
junos_dfw_trans_reject_reason_infoTransaction rejection information structure optionally conveys more information related to the rejection code

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