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The IPTV Monitor sample application monitors selected Real-time Transfer Protocol (RTP) streams and calculates their media delivery index (MDI) (RFC 4445). The application is designed to be deployed on any nodes that pass IPTV broadcast service or video on demand (VoD) streams which are respectively delivered over IP Multicast and Unicast. (This topic assumes the reader has basic knowledge of IPTV and MDI.)

The application is supported on Juniper M- and T-series routers with Multiservices PICs.

Command User Interface

The user can enter either of two commands to display the monitoring statistics:

Either command can take one optional parameter, the group name from the monitored-networks group defined in the configuration. Specifying this parameter causes the application to show or clear only the statistics for flows falling into that group. Omitting it displays or clears the results for all configured groups.

Sample output is shown next (the letters represent numbers.)

router> show sync monitube statistics name

Statistics for group name

Flow to          Last MDI     Max MDI      Min MDI      Average MDI   Total Loss
a.b.c.d:pppp     A:B          C:D          E:F          G:H           #
e.f.g.h:pppp     A:B          C:D          E:F          G:H           #
i.j.k.l:pppp     A:B          C:D          E:F          G:H           #
w.x.y.z:pppp     A:B          C:D          E:F          G:H           #

router> clear sync monitube statistics name

Cleared statistics for group name

Configuring the IPTV Monitor

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