Setting Up and Using the Daemon

To set up for using msprsmd, you configure the MS PIC interfaces and set execution parameters in the CLI.

System Configuration

The router must have at least two working MS PIC interfaces, not necessarily on the same FPC but within the same chassis. Both interfaces should have the ifl object defined, but not the ifa object. For example:

   ms-1/1/0 {
       unit 0 {
           family inet;

   ms-1/2/0 {
       unit 0 {
           family inet;

Both interfaces should be in the same routing instance. If the interfaces belong to some vrf, both should belong to the same vrf. Both interfaces should be online by the time jnx-msprsmd starts.

Setting the Configuration Parameters

To configure the daemon to work with your environment, you specify the names of the primary and secondary logical interfaces and the floating IP address for the control plane, as follows:

set jnx-msprsm primary-interface ms-1/1/0.0 secondary-interface ms-1/2/0.0 floating-ip

Verifying Execution

The daemon does not provide CLI show commands, but its state is traced to /var/log/jnx-msprsm. To obtain the full trace information, set the traceoptions all flag when you configure the daemon.

When the next hops have been configured, the following message appears in /var/log/jnx-msprsm:

  nexthop add success, nexthop id is <nh_id>, client ctx is <ctx>

To see this next hop on the FPC, enter:

vty fpc
show ndcb id nexthop-id detail

In addition to other data, this command displays the target next hop target_nh_id, viewable on the Routing Engine.

For additional information:

Daemon Startup and Shutdown
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