Deleting a Route

Deleting a route is similar to adding a route, except that you pass a smaller request structure.

The route delete parameters are as follows:

struct ssd_rt_delete_parms {
         ssd_sockaddr_un *rtd_dest;                 /* Route address */
         u_int16_t        rtd_prefixlen;            /* Prefix length */
         ssd_rt_tableid   rtd_rtt;                  /* Routing table */
         u_int32_t        rtd_gw_handle;            /* Protocol */

To delete a route, you need the socket address, the prefix length, and the routing table ID. You obtain these values in the same way as for adding a route. The application populates the detail parameters and calls the route delete function as follows:

ssd_rt_del (route_t *rt)
    struct ssd_rt_delete_parms params;

    bzero(&params, sizeof(params));
    params.rtd_dest = &rt->dst_addr;
    params.rtd_prefixlen = rt->prefix_len;
    params.rtd_rtt = nh_pool[rt->rtt_id].idx;

    if (ssd_request_route_delete(ssd_fd, &params, (unsigned int)rt) < 0) {
        return -1;
    } else {
        return 0;

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