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Information needed by MGD about libddl functions. More...


#define DDL_ROLLBACK   1
#define DDL_LOAD_MERGE   2
#define DDL_LOAD_REPLACE   3
#define DDL_LOAD_PATCH   5
#define DDL_LOAD_UPDATE   6
#define DDL_LOAD_SET   8
#define CLI_SHELL_TCSH   1
#define CLI_SHELL_CSH   2
#define CLI_SHELL_SH   3
#define CMDA_NO_OPINION   -1
#define CMDA_DENIED   0
#define CMDA_ALLOWED   1
#define STRING_TO_ARGV(_path, _str, _last, _delim)
 STRING_TO_ARGV: break up a string into argv[]-like pieces.


typedef enum ddl_error_option_e ddl_error_option_t
typedef enum ddl_db_choice_e ddl_db_choice_t
typedef void(* ddl_make_file_info_t )(char *, size_t, const char *, mode_t mode, time_t, size_t, time_t)
typedef ddl_boolean_t(* ddl_file_filter_t )(const char *)


enum  ddl_error_option_e { STOP_ON_ERROR = 0, IGNORE_ERROR }


const char * ddl_shell (int shell, const char *def)
void ddl_make_file_information (char *, size_t, const char *, time_t)
int ddl_expand_filename (mgmt_peer_t *peer, const char *, const char *, const char *, const char *, const char *, ddl_boolean_t, ddl_boolean_t, ddl_make_file_info_t func, ddl_file_filter_t filter_func)
ddl_boolean_t ddl_map_filename (char *buf, size_t bufsiz, const char *user, const char *dir, const char *input)
ddl_boolean_t ddl_start_command_mode (mgmt_peer_t *, const char *, ddl_require_t, ddl_boolean_t, ddl_boolean_t)
ddl_boolean_t db_export_show_database (ddl_action_args_t *daap, dbm_memory_t *dbmp, ddl_boolean_t committed)
int ddl_apropos (ddl_node_t *root, const char *regexp)
ddl_boolean_t gram_handoff (mgmt_peer_t *, char *, ddl_require_t, ddl_boolean_t, ddl_db_choice_t)
ddl_boolean_t gram_load_transient (mgmt_peer_t *peer, dbm_memory_t *dbmp, ddl_object_t *dop, const char *file, int style)
ddl_boolean_t gram_load_file (mgmt_peer_t *, dbm_memory_t *, const char *file, int, ddl_error_option_t, ddl_boolean_t, ddl_boolean_t, ddl_boolean_t, ddl_boolean_t, ddl_boolean_t, ddl_boolean_t)
ddl_boolean_t gram_test_file (const char *, mgmt_peer_t *)
int halt_other_routing_engine (mgmt_peer_t *, const char *)
void ddl_update_permbits (ddl_require_t *permptr, char *loginclass)
ddl_require_t ddl_class_req (const char *class)
ddl_require_t ddl_user_req (const char *user)
boolean ddl_user_has_perm (const char *logname, pid_t pid, const char *permname)
const char * ddl_user_class (const char *user)
ddl_boolean_t ddl_require (ddl_require_t, ddl_require_t, ddl_boolean_t)
ddl_boolean_t cmda_do_auth (mgmt_peer_t *pp)
ddl_boolean_t cmda_check_auth (ddl_node_t *dnp, int *allowed, gram_data_t *gdp)
ddl_boolean_t cmda_show_auth (mgmt_peer_t *pp)
ddl_boolean_t cmda_check_gram_stack_auth (gram_data_t *gdp, int flag)
ddl_boolean_t cmda_check_object (ddl_require_t, ddl_object_t *, ddl_boolean_t)
ddl_boolean_t cmda_check_dynamic_config_node_r (gram_data_t *gdp, ddl_node_t *dnp, const char *symbol, ddl_boolean_t writing)
ddl_boolean_t user_has_deny_configuration (void)
void ddl_set_routing_engine_number (int num)
int mgd_xml_cmd (ddl_action_args_t *daap, const char *cmd, const char *arg)
int ddl_warn_undefined_path_reference (DDL_ACTION_ARGS)
int ddl_warn_undefined_deprecated_path_reference (DDL_ACTION_ARGS)
void set_no_action_acceptable_check (ddl_boolean_t check)
ddl_boolean_t get_no_action_acceptable_check (void)


ddl_boolean_t any_auth

Detailed Description

Information needed by MGD about libddl functions.

Define Documentation

#define STRING_TO_ARGV _path,
_delim   ) 


{       \
    size_t xxplen = strlen(_str);               \
    const char **xxpathp = _path;               \
    const char ***xxlastp = _last;              \
    char *xxcp, *xxbp;                          \
    xxbp = alloca(xxplen + 1);                  \
    bcopy(_str, xxbp, xxplen + 1);              \
    bzero(_path, sizeof(_path));                \
    for (xxcp = xxbp; *xxcp; xxbp = xxcp) {     \
        if ((isblank(_delim) && isblank(*xxbp)) \
            || *xxbp == _delim) {               \
            ++xxcp;                             \
            continue;                           \
        }                                       \
        *xxpathp++ = xxbp;                      \
        xxcp = strchr(xxbp, _delim);            \
        if (xxcp == NULL) break;                \
        *xxcp++ = 0;                            \
    }                                           \
    *xxpathp = NULL;                            \
    if (xxlastp) *xxlastp = xxpathp;            \
STRING_TO_ARGV: break up a string into argv[]-like pieces.

Cannot be an inline, since it alloca()s the space.

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