libddl-access File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
access-pub.hPublic constants and structures for interfacing between daemons and the UI database
action_pub.hPublic constants and structures for interfacing with DDL actions
bit_data.hDeclarations for DDL bit sets
const.hDDL Debugging constants
constraint.hData structures for constraint checking
daemon_map.hFunctions manipulating daemon bitmaps
dax.hMain include file for libddl-access
dbm_patricia.hPatricia tree APIs
dbm_version.hDeclares the version of the configuration database
ddl.hThe ddl.h file
defs.hDefinitions used by both users of the ddl access api and the ddl/ui code
dtypes.hTypedefs and forward declarations
libdefs.hInformation needed by MGD about libddl functions
model_pub.hObject model numbers
node.hParse tree node and supporting types and structures

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