Spinlocks and Critical Sections

A spinlock waits in a busy loop, repeatedly checking until a lock becomes available.

The system then holds the lock until you explicitly release it by calling a function.

Critical sections allow your code to prevent a lock on a control CPU from causing excess latency to a data CPU thread. Your code does this by deferring context switches during execution of a portion of code called a "critical section" that holds a lock that could be contended across data and control CPUs.

The APIs are at sandbox/src/juniper/lib/libmp-sdk/h/jnx/msp_locks.h and sandbox/src/juniper/lib/libmp-sdk/h/jnx/msp_ucrit.h, and are documented in the API reference. For sample code, see the programming task, Working with Spinlocks and User-Level Critical Sections.

IP Socket-Based Inter-Process Communication

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