SDK Your Net Corporation Route Manager: route-manager Documentation


1 Overview

Route Manager is a sample application to demonstrate all functionalities provided by libssd.

Routes are configured by CLI. After configuration is committed, Route Manager will update routes in the routing table according to configuration change.

2 Configuration

route-manager {
    routes {
        <destination with prefix length> {
            next-hop-type [unicast | service | routing-table | discard |
            preference <preference>;
            routing-table <routing table name>;
            state [no-install | no-advertise];
            flag [overwrite];
            gateway <gateway name> {
                address <gateway IPv4 address>;
                interface-name <interface name>;
                interface-index <interface index>;
                interface-address <interface address>;
                next-hop <next-hop interface name or routing table name>;

2 Command

There is no command for Route Manager. Junos operational command "show route" can be used to check routes in routing table.

3 Working Flow

3.1 Start or Restart

When Route Manager starts, it initializes all components and loads configuration in the first cycle.

After the first cycle, the callbacks for SSD reply will take care of the rest job.

3.1 Start or Restart

After configuration commit, Route Manager will get SIGHUP signal to read configuration and update local database. In this cycle (signal handler), Route Manager

Then walk through the local database to add or delete routes.

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