psd_server.h File Reference

Interface for the policy server. More...

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int server_init (evContext ctx)
void notify_all_clients (void)
int server_shutdown (void)

Detailed Description

Interface for the policy server.

Functions to initialize the server functionality and lookup a policy

Definition in file psd_server.h.

Function Documentation

void notify_all_clients ( void   ) 

Notify all currently connected clients to update policies.

Definition at line 590 of file psd_server.c.

References connect_table, MAX_IPC_CONN, MSG_POLICY_UPDATE, and send_msg().

Referenced by psd_config_read().

int server_init ( evContext  ctx  ) 

Initialize the server socket and start listening for new connections. It binds to inet0 and listens on port PSD_PORT_NUM. It also calls evListen which registers psd_ipc_connect as the callback function to accept new incoming connections.

[in] ctx Eventlib context for this application.
SUCCESS if successful, or EFAIL if failed.

Definition at line 511 of file psd_server.c.

References BUFFER_SIZE, connect_table_init(), evInitID, MAX_IPC_WAIT_CONN, psd_ctx, psd_ipc_connect(), PSD_PORT_NUM, and server_conn_id.

Referenced by psd_init().

int server_shutdown ( void   ) 

Shutdown the server socket that accecpts new connections (only used when stopping/restarting the daemon)

SUCCESS if the server connection id wasn't set because the initial call to listen failed, or if it was, then if we successfully stop listening for connections; or EFAIL if we were listening, but the attempt to stop listening for connections failed.

Definition at line 615 of file psd_server.c.

References connect_table, evInitID, evTestID, MAX_IPC_CONN, psd_ctx, psd_ipc_shutdown_conn(), and server_conn_id.

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