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Routines related to timers. More...

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 seconds before immediately due timeout
#define SCHEDULE_PERIOD   10
 seconds before next due timeout
 seconds before a retry after a stop
 if we have more than MAX_RETRY_ATTEMPTS within this (SCHEDULE_STOP_RETRY) many seconds, then we stop for SCHEDULE_RESTART_TIME
 number of retries associated with SCHEDULE_STOP_RETRY


int ped_schedule_init (void)
void ped_schedule_reset (void)
void ped_schedule_stop (void)

Detailed Description

Routines related to timers.

Functions to initialize timer infrastruture and register periodic updates

Definition in file ped_schedule.h.

Function Documentation

int ped_schedule_init ( void   ) 

Initialize the internals necessary for the periodic timer/scheduler. Does not set timers. That's done with ped_schedule_reset. This must be called before using ped_schedule_reset.

0 on success, and -1 on error

Definition at line 164 of file ped_schedule.c.

References period, SCHEDULE_PERIOD, and timer_set.

Referenced by ped_init().

void ped_schedule_reset ( void   ) 

Clear existing timer if it exists, and set the timer fresh again. Starts a periodic timer every SCHEDULE_PERIOD seconds, and a one-shot timer that goes off in SCHEDULE_IMMEDIATE_DELAY seconds. Timer callback is ped_periodic.

If we're resetting, then something went wrong most likely (or it's a configuration load/reload) so we have a small delay timer before retrying. If all goes well, then the periodic timer will continue checks after that.

Definition at line 187 of file ped_schedule.c.

References ped_ctx, ped_periodic(), period, SCHEDULE_IMMEDIATE_DELAY, timer_id, and timer_set.

Referenced by ped_init(), ped_periodic(), and ped_restart().

void ped_schedule_stop ( void   ) 

Clear existing schedule for shutdown

Definition at line 221 of file ped_schedule.c.

References ped_ctx, timer_id, and timer_set.

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