packetproc-data_packet.c File Reference

Related to processing packets in the fast path. More...

#include "packetproc-data.h"

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#define OPT_CREATE_LOOPS   1


static void data_thread_quit (int signo UNUSED)
static void packet_process (struct jbuf *jb, packet_thread_t *thrd)
static void * packet_loop (msp_dataloop_args_t *arg)
int init_packet_loop (void)


packet_thread_t packet_thrd [MSP_MAX_CPUS]

Detailed Description

Related to processing packets in the fast path.

These functions and types manage packet processing in the fast path

Definition in file packetproc-data_packet.c.

Define Documentation

#define OPT_CREATE_LOOPS   1

Options of creating data loops on all data CPUs: 1: Create data loops with msp_data_create_loops(). 2: Create data loops with msp_data_create_loop_on_cpu(). 3: Create data loops with pthread APIs.

Definition at line 29 of file packetproc-data_packet.c.

Function Documentation

static void data_thread_quit ( int signo  UNUSED  )  [static]

SIGUSR1 signal handler.

[in] signo Signal number

Definition at line 45 of file packetproc-data_packet.c.

Referenced by init_packet_loop().

int init_packet_loop ( void   ) 

Initialize data loops

MSP_OK upon successful completion, otherwise MSP error code.

Definition at line 334 of file packetproc-data_packet.c.

References data_thread_quit(), packet_loop(), and packet_thrd.

Referenced by packetproc_data_init().

static void* packet_loop ( msp_dataloop_args_t *  arg  )  [static]

Entry point for packet processing threads

[in] arg Data loop parameters, including user data, loop handle, and CPU number

Definition at line 151 of file packetproc-data_packet.c.

References packet_process(), packet_thrd, packet_thread_s::thrd_cpu, packet_thread_s::thrd_data_hdl, packet_thread_s::thrd_fifo_hdl, and packet_thread_s::thrd_tid.

Referenced by init_packet_loop().

static void packet_process ( struct jbuf *  jb,
packet_thread_t thrd 
) [static]

Packet process

Process received IP packet.

[in] jb Pointer to jbuf
[in] thrd Pointer to the packet thread data structure

Definition at line 65 of file packetproc-data_packet.c.

References packet_thread_s::thrd_data_hdl, and packet_thread_s::thrd_fifo_hdl.

Referenced by packet_loop().

Variable Documentation

packet_thread_t packet_thrd[MSP_MAX_CPUS]

Packet thread data.

Definition at line 36 of file packetproc-data_packet.c.

Referenced by init_packet_loop(), packet_loop(), packetproc_data_init(), and packetproc_data_quit().

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