flow_entry_s Struct Reference

Data Fields

msp_spinlock_t lock
 flow lock
time_t age_ts
 flow age timestamp
in_addr_t daddr
 dest IP address (HT KEY field)
uint16_t dport
 dest port (HT KEY field)
uint16_t frag_group
 frag group (ID) (HT KEY field)
char * mon
 monitor name
time_t r_trigger
 replication trigger time
in_addr_t maddr
 mirror IP address
uint32_t m_vrf
 mirror with outgoing VRF
uint32_t ssrc
 current RTP source
source_t source
 RTP state of last known packet.
int32_t mdi_mlr
 last observed MDI MLR
uint32_t rate
 drain rate of RTP payload
msp_hw_ts32_t base_ts
 timestamp (start of timeframe)
uint32_t pl_sum
 payload bits seen in timeframe
double vb_pre
 VB(pre) of last seen packet.
double vb_post
 VB(post) of last seen packet.
double vb_min
 min VB seen this timeframe
double vb_max
 max VB seen this timeframe
double mdi_df
 last observed MDI DF

Detailed Description

flow entry information structure

Definition at line 90 of file monitube-data_packet.c.

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