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Data Structures

struct  rtphdr
struct  source_s


#define RTP_VERSION   2
 current protocol version
#define RTP_SEQ_MOD   (1<<16)
 used in update_seq
#define MIN_SEQUENTIAL   2
 minimum number of packets to be seen before a source is valid


typedef rtphdr rtp_hdr_t
typedef source_s source_t


int update_seq (source_t *s, uint16_t seq)

Detailed Description

Related to RTP.

Related to the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) and maintaining RTP state and statistics

Definition in file monitube-data_rtp.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct rtphdr rtp_hdr_t

RTP data header

typedef struct source_s source_t

Per-source state information

Function Documentation

int update_seq ( source_t s,
uint16_t  seq 

Init state for RTP statistics

[in] s Source state
[in] seq Current sequence number
1 upon finding a valid packet part of a new state; 0 otherwise

Definition at line 70 of file monitube-data_rtp.c.

References source_s::bad_seq, source_s::cycles, init_seq(), source_s::max_seq, MIN_SEQUENTIAL, source_s::probation, source_s::received, and RTP_SEQ_MOD.

Referenced by update_stats_for_flow().

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