monitube-data_main.c File Reference

Contains main entry point. More...

#include "monitube-data_main.h"
#include "monitube-data_config.h"
#include "monitube-data_conn.h"
#include "monitube-data_ha.h"
#include "monitube-data_packet.h"
#include <jnx/radix.h>
#include <unistd.h>

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#define DNAME_MONITUBE_DATA   "monitube-data"


static void monitube_quit (int signo __unused)
static int monitube_init (evContext ctx)
void init_application (void)
int main (int32_t argc, char **argv)


static evContext mainctx
 the event context of this main thread
static uint8_t init_conf
 has config been initialized

Detailed Description

Contains main entry point.

Contains the main entry point and registers the application as a MSP daemon

Definition in file monitube-data_main.c.

Define Documentation

#define DNAME_MONITUBE_DATA   "monitube-data"

Constant string for the daemon name

Definition at line 916 of file monitube-data_main.c.

Referenced by main().

Function Documentation

void init_application ( void   ) 

There are several things that shouldn't happen until FDB is attached. This is called only once it is attached.

If any initialization fails the application exits

Definition at line 1019 of file monitube-data_main.c.

References init_conf, init_config(), init_connections(), init_packet_loops(), LOG, mainctx, and monitube_quit().

Referenced by retry_attach_fdb().

int main ( int32_t  argc,
char **  argv 

Intialize monitube's environment

[in] argc Number of command line arguments
[in] argv String array of command line arguments
0 upon successful exit of the application (shouldn't happen) or 1 upon failure

Definition at line 1064 of file monitube-data_main.c.

References DNAME_MONITUBE_DATA, and monitube_init().

static int monitube_init ( evContext  ctx  )  [static]

Callback for the first initialization of the Services-SDK Application

[in] ctx Newly created event context
SUCCESS (0) upon successful completion; EFAIL otherwise (exits)

Definition at line 961 of file monitube-data_main.c.

References init_conf, init_forwarding_database(), LOG, mainctx, and monitube_quit().

Referenced by main().

static void monitube_quit ( int signo  __unused  )  [static]

This function quits the application does an exit

Definition at line 930 of file monitube-data_main.c.

References clear_config(), close_connections(), destroy_packet_loops_oc(), init_conf, LOG, mainctx, and stop_packet_loops().

Referenced by init_application(), and monitube_init().

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