ipprobe.c File Reference

The IP Probe initiator (client) functions. More...

#include "../ipprobe-manager/ipprobe-manager.h"
#include "ipprobe.h"
#include <getopt.h>


int main (int argc, char **argv)


u_short manager_port
probe_params_t probe_params
char ifd_name []
char username []
char password []
evContext ev_ctx
sockaddr_in manager_addr
stat_if_traff_t ifd_abs_traff1
u_char packet_detail = 0

Detailed Description

The IP Probe initiator (client) functions.

Function Documentation

int main ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

The main function of the probe.

[in] argc Number of command line arguments
[in] argv String array of command line arguments
0 always

Variable Documentation

evContext ev_ctx

Event context and IDs.

stat_if_traff_t ifd_abs_traff1

The interface traffic statistics.

char ifd_name[]

The interface name through which, probe packets are transmitted and received.

struct sockaddr_in manager_addr

Probe address.

u_short manager_port

Probe manager TCP port.

u_char packet_detail = 0

The output flag.

char password[]

Password for authentication.

probe_params_t probe_params

Probe parameter data structure.

char username[]

Username for authentication.

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