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1 Overview

This is a sample application to send, respond and receive probe IP packets, and measure network statistics based on time stamps in the probe packets.

The IP Probe MT application runs on RE and contains three components, the probe manager, probe threads and responder manager.

The probe manager is responsible for reading CLI configuration, processing CLI commands and managing probe threads.

The probe thread sends probe packets out, reveives replied probe packets from the remote responder, calculate statistics and generate probe report.

The responder manager is responsible for managing the responders.

                 +--------+          +-----------+
              +--| Probe  |<-------->| Probe     |--+
              |  | Thread |          | Responder |  |
              |  +--------+          +-----------+  |
 +---------+  |       .                    .        |  +-----------+
 | Probe   |--+       .                    .        +--| Responder |
 | Manager |  |       .                    .        |  | Manager   |
 +---------+  |       .                    .        |  +-----------+
              |  +--------+          +-----------+  |
              +--| Probe  |<-------->| Probe     |--+
                 | Thread |          | Responder |
                 +--------+          +-----------+

2 Functionality

2.1 Configuration

IP Probe MT configuration is under [edit sync ipprobe-mt]. pprobe-mt { probe <probe name>=""> { protocol <IP protocol>="">; packet-size <packet size="" in="" byte>="">; packet-count <packet count>="">; packet-interval <packet interval>="">; destination-port <destination port>="">; source-port <source port>="">; tos <TOS value="" in="" ip="" header>="">; } }

2.2 Command

2.3 Manage Probe Threads

The probe manager is responsible for managing probe threads. After receiving a "start probe" command from user, the probe manager either starts a new thread to run the probe to requested destination if this probe is not running by any thread, or sends command to the thread that is currently running this probe to add the requested destination.

2.4 Send and Receive Probe Packets

The probe thread is responsible for sending and receiving probe packets. Before start sending probe packets out, it has to connect to the responder manager on the destination and tell it some probe information. Once the thread gets the ACK, it starts sending probe packets out as what user defined in probe configuration, receives the replied probe packets from the responder and calculate time differences to generate statstics.

The probe thread exits by itself once the probe is done to all destinations. The statistics report will stay till user delete it by CLI command.

2.5 Manage Responder

The responder manager is running on the destination. It opens a responder when receiving the probe request from the probe thread on the source and ackwnoledges the request.

2.6 Respond Probe Packets

The responder receives the probe packet from the source, adds time stamps into the packet and sends it back.

After replied all probe packets, the responder closes itself.

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