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Constants and types used for SYNC Hellopics IPC. More...

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#define HELLOPICS_PORT_NUM   7078


enum  msg_type_e {

Detailed Description

Constants and types used for SYNC Hellopics IPC.

Constants for understanding and building request and reply IPC messages between the mgmt/ctrl/data components.

Definition in file hellopics_ipc.h.

Define Documentation

#define HELLOPICS_PORT_NUM   7078

Port that the hellopics-mgmt and hellopics-ctrl listen on:

Definition at line 31 of file hellopics_ipc.h.

Referenced by close_connections(), and start_server().

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum component_id_e

The applicable component IDs

HELLOPICS_ID_MGMT  The ID value for the management component.
HELLOPICS_ID_CTRL  The ID value for the control component.
HELLOPICS_ID_DATA  The ID value for the data component.

Definition at line 49 of file hellopics_ipc.h.

enum msg_type_e

Applicable IPC Message subtypes:

MSG_ID  Message contains the component ID.
MSG_READY  Message idicates that the sending component is ready.
MSG_GET_PEER  Message idicates a request for the other PIC's peer info.
MSG_PEER  Message contains the other PIC's peer info.
MSG_HELLO  Message idicates a HELLO message cycled between components.

Definition at line 38 of file hellopics_ipc.h.

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