equilibrium2-classify_ctrl.c File Reference

Equilibrium II classify service control functions. More...

#include <sync/equilibrium2.h>
#include <sync/equilibrium2_svc.h>
#include "equilibrium2-classify.h"
#include <jnx/ipc_types.h>
#include <jnx/junos_kcom_mpsdk_cfg.h>
#include <jnx/mpsdk.h>
#include <jnx/msp_objcache.h>

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static void proc_svc_set_blob (void *blob, junos_kcom_gencfg_opcode_t op)
static void read_gencfg_blob (junos_kcom_gencfg_t *kcom_gencfg)
sp_svc_set_tget_svc_set (uint16_t id, bool active)
void del_svc_set (sp_svc_set_t *ss)
int equilibrium2_classify_ctrl_hdlr (msvcs_control_context_t *ctx, msvcs_control_event_t ev)

Detailed Description

Equilibrium II classify service control functions.

Definition in file equilibrium2-classify_ctrl.c.

Function Documentation

void del_svc_set ( sp_svc_set_t ss  ) 

Delete a service-set by pointer.

[in] ss Pointer to the service-set

Definition at line 245 of file equilibrium2-classify_ctrl.c.

References ctrl_ctx, and sp_svc_set_s::ss_policy.

Referenced by proc_svc_set_blob(), and session_close().

int equilibrium2_classify_ctrl_hdlr ( msvcs_control_context_t *  ctx,
msvcs_control_event_t  ev 

Control event handler.

[in] ctx Pointer to control context.
[in] ev Control event.
Control handler status code

Definition at line 265 of file equilibrium2-classify_ctrl.c.

References ctrl_ctx, read_gencfg_blob(), svc_set_head, and svc_set_lock.

Referenced by equilibrium2_classify_entry().

sp_svc_set_t* get_svc_set ( uint16_t  id,
bool  active 

Get a service-set by service-set ID. There could be maximumly two service-sets with the same ID, one is to be deleted, another is active.

[in] id Service-set ID
[in] active Active flag, 'true' is active, 'false' is inactive
Pointer to the service-set on success, NULL on failure

Definition at line 226 of file equilibrium2-classify_ctrl.c.

References sp_svc_set_s::ss_active, blob_svc_set_s::ss_id, sp_svc_set_s::ss_policy, and svc_set_head.

Referenced by first_pkt_proc(), proc_svc_set_blob(), and session_close().

static void proc_svc_set_blob ( void *  blob,
junos_kcom_gencfg_opcode_t  op 
) [static]

Process service-set blob.

[in] blob Pointer to the blob
[in] op Operation to the blob

Definition at line 39 of file equilibrium2-classify_ctrl.c.

References classify_pid, ctrl_ctx, del_svc_set(), EQ2_CLASSIFY_SVC_NAME, get_svc_set(), INSIST_ERR, blob_rule_s::rule_term, blob_rule_s::rule_term_count, blob_svc_set_s::ss_gen_num, blob_svc_set_s::ss_id, blob_svc_set_s::ss_name, blob_svc_set_s::ss_rule, blob_svc_set_s::ss_rule_count, blob_svc_set_s::ss_size, blob_svc_set_s::ss_svc_id, svc_set_head, svc_set_lock, and blob_term_s::term_match_port.

Referenced by read_gencfg_blob().

static void read_gencfg_blob ( junos_kcom_gencfg_t *  kcom_gencfg  )  [static]

Read gencfg configuration blob.

[in] kcom_gencfg Pointer to kcom gencfg message

Definition at line 192 of file equilibrium2-classify_ctrl.c.

References CONFIG_BLOB_SVC_SET, config_blob_key_s::key_name, config_blob_key_s::key_tag, and proc_svc_set_blob().

Referenced by equilibrium2_classify_ctrl_hdlr().

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