equilibrium-mgmt_ui.c File Reference

Relating to the user interface (commands) of equilibrium-mgmt. More...

#include <sync/common.h>
#include <junoscript/xmllib_pub.h>
#include <junoscript/xmlrpc.h>
#include <junoscript/xmlstr.h>
#include <ddl/defs.h>
#include "equilibrium-mgmt_main.h"
#include "equilibrium-mgmt_kcom.h"
#include "equilibrium-mgmt_config.h"
#include "equilibrium-mgmt_conn.h"
#include "equilibrium-mgmt_logging.h"

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static void show_application_status (mgmt_sock_t *msp, const char *ss_name, const eq_app_t *app)
static int32_t equilibrium_show_status (mgmt_sock_t *msp, parse_status_t *csb __unused, char *unparsed)


static const parse_menu_t show_sync_equilibrium_menu []
static const parse_menu_t show_sync_menu []
static const parse_menu_t show_menu []
const parse_menu_t master_menu []

Detailed Description

Relating to the user interface (commands) of equilibrium-mgmt.

Contains callback functions that get executed by commands on the router

Definition in file equilibrium-mgmt_ui.c.

Function Documentation

static int32_t equilibrium_show_status ( mgmt_sock_t *  msp,
parse_status_t *csb  __unused,
char *  unparsed 
) [static]

Displays the configured message

[in] msp management socket pointer
[in] csb parsed info status (contains subcodes/arguments)
[in] unparsed unparsed command string
0 if no error; 1 to terminate connection

Definition at line 117 of file equilibrium-mgmt_ui.c.

References find_application(), find_service_set(), next_application(), next_service_set(), show_application_status(), and eq_serviceset_s::svc_set_name.

static void show_application_status ( mgmt_sock_t *  msp,
const char *  ss_name,
const eq_app_t app 
) [static]

Output the XML for the application tag given the application information.

[in] msp management socket pointer
[in] ss_name The service-set name
[in] app The application information

Definition at line 61 of file equilibrium-mgmt_ui.c.

References eq_app_s::application_name, eq_server_s::server_addr, eq_app_s::server_mon_params, eq_app_s::servers, eq_app_s::session_count, and eq_server_s::status.

Referenced by equilibrium_show_status().

Variable Documentation

const parse_menu_t master_menu[]

Initial value:

    { "show", NULL, 0, show_menu, NULL }, 
    { NULL, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL }
main menu of commands

Definition at line 245 of file equilibrium-mgmt_ui.c.

Referenced by main().

const parse_menu_t show_menu[] [static]

Initial value:

    { "sync", NULL, 0, show_sync_menu, NULL },
    { NULL, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL }
show ... commands

Definition at line 237 of file equilibrium-mgmt_ui.c.

const parse_menu_t show_sync_equilibrium_menu[] [static]

Initial value:

    { "status", NULL, 0, NULL, equilibrium_show_status },
    { NULL, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL }
show sync equilibrium ... commands

Definition at line 221 of file equilibrium-mgmt_ui.c.

const parse_menu_t show_sync_menu[] [static]

Initial value:

    { "equilibrium", NULL, 0, show_sync_equilibrium_menu, NULL },
    { NULL, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL }
show sync ... commands

Definition at line 229 of file equilibrium-mgmt_ui.c.

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