Mode: Operational Mode


The option statement is used only with operational commands that also have action execute statement. The option statement is typically used to specify the mapping to command-line options that belong to freebsd shell commands being emulated in the CLI.

The option statement must be used on each argument or attribute that corresponds to a command-line argument.


                command ping {
                    help "Ping remote target";
                    require network;
                    action execute mgd mgd_lr_cli_js_command;
                    option PATH_PING;
                    xml-name ping;


                    argument rapid {
                        type toggle;
                        option "-C";
                        help "Send requests rapidly (default count of 5)";
                    argument flood {
                        type toggle;
                        option "-f";
                        help "Flood ping. Outputs packets as fast as they come back";
                    argument host {
                        flag nokeyword mandatory;
                        type string;        /* hostname; */
                        help "Hostname or IP address of remote host";



                user@router> ping ra?
                Possible completions:
                  <host>               Hostname or IP address of remote host
                  rapid                Send requests rapidly (default count of 5)
                user@router> ping flo?    
                Possible completions:
                  <host>               Hostname or IP address of remote host
                  flood                Flood ping. Outputs packets as fast as they come back

                user@router> show version
                Hostname: router.juniper.net
                Model: m10i

                user@router> ping www flood    
                ping: -f flag: Operation not permitted

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