flag mustquote

Mode: Operational Mode


The mustquote flag specifies that the attribute value must be quoted on output. This flag is typically used when the back-end parser that reads the exported file has different lexical rules from the CLI that would cause different tokenization. The flag is also used when the arguement or attribute value might conflict with a keyword in the back-end parser. Using the mustquote flag forces mgd to encapsulate an element's name in quotes as it propagates that name to other daemons (DCD, for instance). This allows the daemon to recognize the value as a name rather than a keyword.

Quotation marks are generated only if the daemon to which the file is exported is flagged as requiring it.


            command newbie {
                help "Show newbie";

                argument constant-text {
                    type string;
                    flag mustquote;
                    help "Example newbie display";

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