flag iso8601

Mode: Operational Mode


ISO 8601 is the international standard for date and time representations.

The standard for dates follows the Gregorian Calendar and that for time uses the 24-hour clock system.

All the zeros cannot be omitted so that the formats are unique.

				Format		Example (2007/1/1 01:30:45 PST)
		Year		YYYY		2007
		Calendar Date	YYYY-MM		2007-01
				YYYYMM		200701
				YYYY-MM-DD	2007-01-01
				YYYYMMDD	20070101
		Week Date	YYYY-Www	2007-W01
				YYYYWww		2007W01
				YYYY-Www-D	2007-W01-2
				YYYYWwwD	2007W012
		Ordinal Date	YYYY-DDD	2007-001
				YYYYDDD		2007001
		Time		hh:mm:ss	01:30:45
				hhmmss		013045
				hh:mm		01:30
				hhmm		0130
		Time Factions	hh,ff		01,5
				hh:mm,ff	01:30,75
		Timezones	+/-[hh][mm]	-08:00



    command show {
        command pfe {
            help "Show Packet Forwarding Engine information";
            option "";          /* Drop the pfe */


            command syslog {
                help "Show system log messages";
                require trace;
                xml-name get-syslog-events;
                hidden from-cli;
                action execute mgd mgd_cli_js_command;
                option PATH_FILTER_SYSLOG;

                argument start-time {
                    help "Earliest timestamp of messages to include in output";
                    type time;
                    flag iso8601;
                    option "-s";

                argument stop-time {
                    help "Latest timestamp of messages to include in output";
                    type time;
                    flag iso8601;
                    option "-l";

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