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The default statement sets the default for the argument. When there are some well-known or commonly used values for an argument, defining a default value allow CLI users to not having to explicitly type out such well-known or commonly used values each time the command is used.



        command show {

            command ospf {
                require view;
                help "Show Open Shortest Path First information";


            command database  {
                require view;
                help "Show OSPF link-state database";
                xml-name "get-ospf-database-information";
                odl-tag "ospf-database-information";
                action execute mgd mgd_show_filtered;
                argument lsatype {
                    flag explicit;
                    flag nokeyword;
                    choice router {
                        help "Show router link-state database";
                    choice network {
                        help "Show network link-state database";
                    choice netsummary {
                        help "Show summary network link-state database";
                    choice asbrsummary {
                        help "Show summary AS boundary router link-state database";
                    choice extern {
                        help "Show external link-state database";
                    choice nssa {
                        help "Show not-so-stubby area link-state database";
                    choice link-local {
                        help "Show link local link-state database";
                    default "all";


By default, 'show ospf database' shows all lsa-types. If users need to
filter certain type of lsas, individual lsa-types are specified.

        user@router> show ospf database ?
        Possible completions:
          <[Enter]>            Execute this command
          asbrsummary          Show summary AS boundary router link-state database
          extern               Show external link-state database
          link-local           Show link local link-state database
          logical-router       Name of logical router, or 'all'
          netsummary           Show summary network link-state database
          network              Show network link-state database
          nssa                 Show not-so-stubby area link-state database
          router               Show router link-state database
          summary              Display summary output
          |                    Pipe through a command

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