command-forwarding chassis-selector

Mode: Operational Mode


    command-forwarding {
        chassis-selector [<default-chassis-selector>];
        lr-selector [<default-lr-selector>];
        vc-selector [<default-vc-selector>];
        exclude-targets <exclude-targets>+;
        re-timeout <timeout-value>;
        dynamic-argument <argument-name>;
        fpc-slot-argument <argument-name>;
        flag <flags>+;
        help <help-string>;


This command provides platform specific chassis targets. Based upon the platform being used, different chassis's are provided with different routing engines, as possible targets. Valid values are:

all-chassis: command executed on all chassis

local: command executed on the local chassis

  Platform Generated Keywords:

    platform                              generated keywords
    TX Matrix (Hobson)                    scc, lcc 0-3  
    J-Series (Voyager)                    node0, node1
    TX Plus (Absolut)                     sfc, lcc A4: 0-3
                                                   A16: 0-15
    JCS (Safari)                          psd, rsd



    command show {
        command foo {
                command-forwarding {
                        chassis-selector local;


J-Series (Voyager)
        nod0> show foo
        Output of "show foo" command on node0
        node0>show foo ?
        Possible completions:
          node     Cluster node
        node0> show foo node ?
        Possible completions:
           all        All node
           local      Local node
           primary    Primary node
           <node-id>  Node id (0..1)

TX Matrix (Hobson)

        scc> show foo
        Output of "show foo" command on SCC
        scc> show foo ?
        scc> show foo lcc ?
           <lcc> LCC number (0..3)

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