action expand

Mode: Operational Mode


The action expand statement invokes commands during command completion (when users enter '?', Space, or Tab) in the CLI. It inserts choices into the completion mechanism.



    command monitor {
        help "Show real-time debugging information";
        require trace;   

        command start {  
            help "Start showing log file in real time";
            action execute mgd mgd_monitor_start_file;
            argument filename {
                flag nokeyword mandatory;
                help "Name of log file";
                type string;
                action expand mgd mgd_expand_log_file;


        user@router> monitor start ?
        messages             Size: 4631, Last changed: Dec 04 13:49:40
        messages.0.gz        Size: 10134, Last changed: Dec 01 15:00:03
        messages.1.gz        Size: 8923, Last changed: Nov 06 11:00:00
        messages.2.gz        Size: 7639, Last changed: Oct 27 16:00:17
        messages.3.gz        Size: 9945, Last changed: Oct 24 17:00:07
        messages.4.gz        Size: 10690, Last changed: Oct 20 15:00:11
        messages.5.gz        Size: 7821, Last changed: Sep 25 12:00:31
        ppp.log              Size: 0, Last changed: Nov 05 2004

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