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The object hierarchy definition is structure of the hierarchical database and the attributes are the actual variables with value (leafs of the tree).

Defines a parent entity that can have one or more children. A child can be another object or an attribute. An object definition that is a 'setof' defines a container of like objects. The object definition that is a 'setof' is the definition of the container and the elements of that container all in one definition.

A clear indicator of an object in the cli is '>' in the help message (an attribute does not have any preceding characters in the help message).


   object juniper-config {
       object newbie {
           help "Newbie section";
            attribute uid {
                help "User id";
                type ranged int 16 .. 511;


   user@router# set newbi?                                      
   Possible completions:                                
   > newbie               Newbie section                
   user\@router# set newbie ?                   
   Possible completions:                                
     <[Enter]>            Execute this command  
   + apply-groups         Groups from which to inherit configuration data
   + apply-groups-except  Don't inherit configuration data from these groups
     uid                  User ID (16..512)
     |                    Pipe through a command
   user@router# set newbie uid 101
   user@router# commit 
   commit complete
   user@router# show 
   version "8.1I0 [user]";
   newbie {
       uid 101;

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