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match limits the allowable inputs, it is definied using regular expressions, but it is applicable to all ddl types (not just strings).

The help message does not automatically prompt users for valid matching patterns.


        object newbie {
            help "Newbie section";

            object number-letter {
                help "Test default";
                    attribute number {
                    type int;
                    match "^[1-5]$";
                    default 3;
                attribute letter {
                    type string;
                    match "^[A-za-z]$";
                    default "a";


        user@router# set newbie number-letter ?
        Possible completions:
          <[Enter]>            Execute this command
          letter               Test letter with match statement
          number               Test number with match statement
          |                    Pipe through a command
        user@router# set newbie number-letter letter abcd 
        error: letter: 'abcd': invalid value

        user@router# set newbie number-letter letter k       

        user@router# set newbie number-letter number 18 
        error: number: '18': invalid value

        user@router# set newbie number-letter number 4

        user@router# show newbie
        number-letter {
            number 4;
            letter k;

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