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interface-acceptable is a specialized version of 'action acceptable'. Developers can specify what types of interfaces the configuration applies (or excludes using negate '!').

interface-acceptable [!] <list of interfaces> interface-acceptable [!] <list of interfaces> { flags <channel-flags>; }

negate the list of interfaces, ie '! fxp', all interface except for fxp <list of interfaces> space separated list of interface prefixes.

List of interfaces that this attribute should/shouldn't be displayed under.

One of "no-multi-channel", "no-channel", "multi-channel", "channel", "channel-0", "channel-1". The following is the mapping of the string the flags...

"no-multi-channel" - ~IIF_MULTI_CHNL "no-channel" - ~IIF_CHANNEL "multi-channel" - IIF_MULTI_CHNL "channel" - IIF_CHANNEL "channel-0" - IIF_CH0 "channel-1" - IIF_CH1 "channel-01" - IIF_CH01

Many of the items that reside under the interface hierarchy are dependent on the type of interface being configured. For example, 'modem-options' are relevant only on "umd" interfaces. This attribute should be hidden if the user is configuring the management port, but shown when editing the 'umd' interfaces.


        1. Display dce under serial type interfaces

         attribute dce {
             interface-acceptable so t3 e3 e1 t1 j1;

        What would be nice is it we had some defines for 'types' of
        interfaces, like in the above example, a define for serial

        #define INTF_SERIAL_PREFIXES so t3 e3 e1 t1 j1

        attribute dce {
            interface-acceptable INTF_SERIAL_PREFIXES;

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