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The data definition compiler (ddc) can create C language structures in header files that can be included by the source code. Normally, the names of the stuctures and the fields are generated automatically based on the node names. However, if these names are difficult and will change if the parent object path changes. the cname command sets the C language name manually.


        object newbie {
            help "Newbie DDL testing";

            attribute extension {
                help "Newbie's extension";
                type uint;
                cname ex_newbie_ext;

C structure:

After compiling the input file:


        #define EX_NEWBIE_EXT 4                       <br>
        #define DDLNAME_EX_NEWBIE_EXT "extension"


        #define DDLNAME_EX_NEWBIE_EXT "extension"

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