action warning

Mode: Configuration Mode


If the candidate configuration does not satisfy all constraints specified in the action warning function, a warning is displayed when user attempts to commit or display the candidate configuration.



        /* mgd_undefined_class_warning(): print a warning if an class */
        /* is undefined */
            if (daap->daa_argv[0] == NULL) {
                DBG_FOREIGN("mgd_undefined_make_warning: null daa_argv[0]");
                return 0;

            if (is_predefined_class(daap->daa_argv[0]))
                return 0;

            return ddl_warn_undefined_path_reference(daap);


        object newbie {
            help "Newbie settings";

            attribute login-class {
                help "Newbie's login class";
                path-reference "system login class";
                action warning mgd mgd_undefined_class_warning;
                type string;


        user@router# set example newbie login-class ipg         

        user@router# show example 
        newbie {
            login-class ipg; ## 'ipg' is not defined

        user@router# show
        [edit example]
            Undefined class 'ipg' for user 'unknown'
        error: configuration check-out failed

        user@router# set example newbie login-class operator
        user@router# show example
        newbie {
            login-class operator;

        user@router# commit
        commit complete


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