action propagate

Mode: Configuration Mode


The action propagate statement allows mgd to propagate the configuration setting to other processes. One common usage is to copy some configurations to an rc file for some processes to read, instead of reading the junos configuration database (for example, inetd uses inetd.conf, and it is easier for mgd to propagate settings pertaining to inetd to inetd.conf rather than rewriting inetd to use the junos configuration database.)



        object services {
            flag no-struct;
            require system;
            help "System services";
            notify inetd;

            object finger {
                help "Allow finger requests from remote systems";
                flag no-fips;
                TCP_SERVICE(finger, nobody, /usr/libexec/fingerd, fingerd -s);

            object ftp {
                help "Allow FTP file transfers";
                flag no-fips;
                TCP_AND_TCP6_SERVICE(ftp, root, /usr/libexec/ftpd, ftpd -l);

            object rlogin {
                hidden unreleased;
                help "Allow rlogin access from remote systems";
                flag no-fips;
                TCP_SERVICE(login, root, /usr/libexec/rlogind, rlogind);



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