action assign

Mode: Configuration Mode


The action assign statement executes the specified function called just after a value is placed in the database. This allows the value to be manipulated, rewritten, or otherwise modified. It is most often invoked after a user performs the set command on a configuration object (stripping paths, converting plain text to encrypted text, and so on.)



        /* mgd_assign_prepare_url(): prepare the URL in such a way it */
        /* becomes usable for background tasks.                       */
        /* e.g. fetching host-keys for scp:// schemes and presenting  */ 
        /* the fingerprint to the user for verification.              */

            int rc;
            char *url_str;
            struct url *url_p;

            DB_EXTRACT_STRING(daap->daa_dbmp, daap->daa_child_object, url_str);

            url_p = fetchParseURL(url_str);
            if (!url_p) {
                js_warning("can't parse URL: %s", fetchLastErrString);
                return 0;

            rc = 0;

            if (streq(url_p->scheme, SCHEME_SCP)
                && daap->daa_peer && !js_client_apimode()
                && daap->daa_gram_data && daap->daa_gram_data->gd_style == S_CONFIG_MODE)
                rc = fetch_update_ssh_known_host(daap->daa_peer, daap->daa_dbmp, url_p->host);


            return rc;


        object newbie {
            help "Newbie settings";

            attribute newbie-url {
                help "Newbie URL";
                action assign mgd mgd_assign_prepare_url;
                type string;


mgd_assign_prepare_url parses strings in URL formats. Once the URL is 
stored in the configuration database, it can be used by exampled and 
other processes. Without this action assign statement, entering such 
URLs in string fields are not understood by the CLI and will be rejected.

        user@router# set example newbie newbie-url ?
        Possible completions:
          <newbie-url>         Newbie URL
        user@router# set example newbie newbie-url ftp://www-in/~newbie/newbie.cfg

        user@router# show example
        newbie {
            newbie-url "ftp://www-in/~newbie/newbie.cfg";

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