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    Verifying a Unified ISSU


    Verify the status of FPCs and their corresponding PICs after the most recent unified ISSU.


    Issue the show chassis in-service-upgrade command on the master Routing Engine.

    user@host> show chassis in-service-upgrade
      Item           Status                  Reason
      FPC 0          Online               
      FPC 1          Online               
      FPC 2          Online               
        PIC 0        Online               
        PIC 1        Online               
      FPC 3          Offline                 Offlined by CLI command
      FPC 4          Online               
        PIC 1        Online               
      FPC 5          Online               
        PIC 0        Online               
      FPC 6          Online               
        PIC 3        Online               
      FPC 7          Online               

    Display the unified ISSU process messages by using the show log messages command.


    See show chassis in-service-upgrade for more information.

    Modified: 2016-06-15