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    Understanding BFD for BGP

    The Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) protocol is a simple hello mechanism that detects failures in a network. Hello packets are sent at a specified, regular interval. A neighbor failure is detected when the routing device stops receiving a reply after a specified interval. BFD works with a wide variety of network environments and topologies. The failure detection timers for BFD have shorter time limits than default failure detection mechanisms for BGP, so they provide faster detection.

    The BFD failure detection timers are adaptive and can be adjusted to be faster or slower. The lower the BFD failure detection timer value, the faster the failure detection and vice versa. For example, the timers can adapt to a higher value if the adjacency fails (that is, the timer detects failures more slowly). Or a neighbor can negotiate a higher value for a timer than the configured value. The timers adapt to a higher value when a BFD session flap occurs more than three times in a span of 15 seconds. A back-off algorithm increases the receive (Rx) interval by two if the local BFD instance is the reason for the session flap. The transmission (Tx) interval is increased by two if the remote BFD instance is the reason for the session flap. You can use the clear bfd adaptation command to return BFD interval timers to their configured values. The clear bfd adaptation command is hitless, meaning that the command does not affect traffic flow on the routing device.

    In Junos OS Release 8.3 and later, BFD is supported on internal BGP (IBGP) and multihop external BGP (EBGP) sessions as well as on single-hop EBGP sessions. In Junos OS Release 9.1 through Junos OS Release 11.1, BFD supports IPv6 interfaces in static routes only. In Junos OS Release 11.2 and later, BFD supports IPv6 interfaces with BGP.

    Modified: 2016-04-29