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    Configuring the Restriction Value on a Broadband Gateway APN

    Access point names (APNs) serve different purposes in a mobile network. Some APNs attach mobile devices to public Packet Data Networks (PDNs) such as the Internet, while others attach mobile devices to private corporate networks. Different networks can have different capabilities and supported services. In many cases, the inter-mobile-device traffic for devices attached to different APNs must be restricted so that the network does not waste resources sending packets to a network that does not support them.

    Before you begin configuring the restriction value on a MobileNext Broadband Gateway APN, you should have done the following:

    • Configured the chassis of the broadband gateway
    • Configured the interfaces of the broadband gateway
    • Configured the general APN parameters for the specific APN

    You configure the restriction value for an APN based on the applications allowed on this APN and on other APNs configured on the broadband gateway. When you configure the restriction value, users cannot, for example, send Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) or Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) messages to a user on an APN that does not support MMS or WAP. Table 1 shows the maximum restriction value for an APN, the type of APN the restriction can apply to, application examples, and the restriction values allowed on other APNs. By default, there are no restrictions on traffic sent from one APN to another.

    Table 1: APN Restriction Values

    Maximum APN Restriction Value

    Type of APN

    Application Example

    Allowed Restriction Values on Other APNs






    Public Type 1

    WAP or MMS

    1, 2, or 3


    Public Type 2

    Internet or other PDN

    1 or 2


    Private Type 1

    Corporate network MMS



    Private Type 2

    Corporate network without MMS


    To configure the restriction value for an APN:

    1. [edit unified-edge gateways ggsn-pgw MBG1 apn-services apns apn-1]user@host# set restriction-value 0

    Published: 2011-11-22