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    Configuring Mobile Options Trace Options

    Mobile options tracing operations record detailed messages about the operation of unified edge options on the MobileNext Broadband Gateway. Mobile options trace options are related to the processor daemon operation. You can specify which trace operations are logged by including specific tracing flags and levels.

    Table 1 describes the flags relating to the mobile unified edge that you can include at the [edit unified-edge mobile-options traceoptions flag] hierarchy level.

    Table 1: Mobile Options Trace Flags



    Trace everything.


    Trace configuration events.


    Trace events related to catastrophic errors in the daemon.


    Trace events related to protocol daemon initialization.


    Trace protocol processing events.

    Table 2 describes the levels you can include.

    Table 2: Trace Levels



    Match all levels.


    Match error conditions.


    Match informational messages.


    Match conditions that should be specially handled.


    Match verbose messages.


    Match warning messages.

    To configure tracing options for mobile options:

    1. Specify that you want to configure tracing options for mobile options.
      [edit unified-edge mobile-options]user@host# edit traceoptions
    2. Configure the filename for the trace file.
      [edit unified-edge mobile-options traceoptions]user@host# set file mobile-options-log
    3. (Optional) Configure the maximum size of each trace file.
      [edit unified-edge mobile-options traceoptions]user@host# set file size 100m

      Note: When a trace file (for example, mobile-log) reaches its maximum size, it is renamed mobile-log.0, then mobile-log.1, and so on, until the maximum number of trace files is reached. The oldest archived file is then overwritten.

    4. Configure the tracing flag.
      [edit unified-edge mobile-options traceoptions]user@host# set flag all

      Note: Use care when tracing all operations on a gateway. This can have a performance impact.

    5. Configure the tracing level.
      [edit unified-edge mobile-options traceoptions]user@host# set level error
    6. View the trace file.
      user@host# file show /var/log/mobile-options-log

    Published: 2011-11-18