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    Configuring Session DPCs for Mobility

    The MobileNext Broadband Gateway chassis has a number of open slots for cards (also called boards). Once installed, the cards must be configured. This topic describes the configuration process for the mobility FPC slots that hold session Dense Port Concentrators (DPCs).

    Before you begin, you should have done the following:

    • Installed the broadband gateway
    • Installed the cards in the broadband gateway
    • Decided which slots will be used for mobility

    The session DPC cards of the broadband gateway must run in 64-bit mode. To simplify the configuration process, the broadband gateway software includes a predefined mobility group. This group includes all the parameters required for stable system operation. You apply the mobility group to the session DPC slots in the same way you apply any Junos OS group.

    The predefined mobility group contains the following statements:

    [edit groups]mobility {chassis {fpc <*> {pic <*> {adaptive-services {service-package {extension-provider {boot-os embedded-junos64;control-cores 1;data-pollers 1;object-cache-size 512;package jservices-mobile;total-wired-memory 14336;wired-max-processes 8;wired-process-memory-size 1024;}}}}}}}

    Note: These parameters promote stable system operation. You should not change these parameters except under the advice of JTAC.

    To configure a session DPC for mobility services, you load the default configuration file and merge it with your configuration, then apply the predefined mobility group to the session DPC. This task assumes that the session DPC is installed in chassis slot 1 and that both PICs are used for mobility services.

    1. Load and merge the mobility-defaults.conf file.
      [edit]user@host# load merge /etc/config/mobility-defaults.conf
    2. Configure the mobility group to run on both PICs in FPC 0.
      [edit chassis]user@host# set fpc 0 pic 0 apply-groups mobility user@host# set fpc 0 pic 1 apply-groups mobility

    Note: You must include every services PIC configured with the jservices-mobile package at the [edit unified-edge gateways ggsn-pgw gateway-name system anchor-spics] hierarchy level on the broadband gateway. If you do not include the services PIC as an anchor, then the services PIC will not be used by the broadband gateway.

    Published: 2011-11-22