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    term (Service Selection Profiles)


    term name {from {charging-characteristics charging-characteristics;imei imei;imsi imsi;maximum-bearers maximum-bearers;msisdn msisdn;pdn-type (ipv4 | ipv4v6 | ipv6);peer peer;peer-routing-instance peer-routing-instance;}then {apn-name apn-name;redirect-peer redirect-peer;}}

    Hierarchy Level

    [edit unified-edge gateways ggsn-pgw gateway-name service-selection-profiles profile name]

    Release Information

    Statement introduced in Junos OS Mobility Release 11.2W.


    Configure the term for the service selection profile that can be used by the access point name (APN).

    Multiple terms can be configured for a service selection profile. If a subscriber matches any of the terms, then the service specified in the then statement is applied. The subscriber must match all the match conditions specified in a from statement. Once a term matches for a subscriber, however, further terms are not evaluated. If no terms match for a subscriber, then the default services associated with the particular APN are applied.

    The remaining statements are explained separately.


    name—Name of the selection term.

    Syntax: Up to 63 characters.

    Required Privilege Level

    interface—To view this statement in the configuration.

    interface-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

    Published: 2011-11-22