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    show services nat mappings app


    show services nat mappings app<pool-name>

    Release Information

    Command introduced in Junos OS Mobility Release 11.2W.


    Display the Network Address Translation (NAT) mappings for paired IP address pooling (APP) for the NAT pools on the multiservices interface.



    (Optional) Display the NAT mappings for the NAT pool specified. (The NAT pools are configured at the [edit services nat] hierarchy level.

    Required Privilege Level


    List of Sample Output

    show services nat mappings app

    Output Fields

    Table 1 lists the output fields for the show services nat mappings app command. Output fields are listed in the approximate order in which they appear.

    Table 1: show services nat mappings app Output Fields

    Field Name

    Field Description


    Name of the multiservices interface (ms- or mams-).

    Service set

    The name of the service set for which the NAT mappings are displayed.

    NAT pool

    The name of the NAT pool.

    Internal Address

    The internal IP address which is being mapped.

    External Address

    The external IP address to which the internal address is mapped.

    Number of sessions

    The number of sessions for which the NAT mapping has been done.


    NAT mapping state. The following states are possible:

    • ACTIVE—Indicates that the entry is active and in use.
    • TIMEOUT—Indicates that he entry is not in use and will be deleted after the mapping-timeout, configured at the [edit services nat pool pool-name] hierarchy level, lapses.

    Sample Output

    show services nat mappings app

    user@host> show services nat mappings app
    Interface: ms-1/0/0, Service set: ss 
    NAT pool: p1 
    Internal Address    External Address     Number of sessions    State           1                     ACTIVE           2                     ACTIVE 

    Published: 2011-06-17