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    Monitoring Session Status

    Current session/ bearer counts can be monitored at various levels. For example, per APN, per QCI/ARP, global, per RAT type, per APN, or per QCI.

    A useful command to show these types of statistics is:

    user@host> show unified-edge ggsn-pgw qos statistics ?
    Possible completions:
      <[Enter]>            Execute this command
      apn                      APN name
      arp                       GTPv2 ARP Value (1..15)
      gateway              Show subscriber for a gateway
      gtpv1-arp            GTPv1 ARP Value (1..3)
      qci                       Show QCI statistics information (1..9)
      traffic-class        Show statistics for a traffic-class level
      traffic-handling-priority  Traffic handling priority (1..3)
      |                         Pipe through a command

    Use this command to examine session status indicators at the APN, gateway, and other levels.

    Published: 2011-11-16